Caitlin Keller


Graduate Student


Tipp City


B.S. Biochemistry, Valparaiso University

"Dr. Li stood out to me due to the diversity of the research in her lab and the mass spectrometry imaging capabilities of her lab. I joined the Li lab due the interesting mass spectrometry imaging research and friendly and inviting group members. "


About Me

When I joined the group, I started working on a project to image endogenous peptides in the plant Medicago truncatula. While an initial study revealed many peptide species in the plant, I still wanted to improve the method to enable imaging of low concentration endogenous peptides. Currently, I am optimizing the sample preparation to image and identify endogenous peptides in the plant. Although this particular project has accompanied me through my entire graduate school career, I have had other projects as well. Another major project for me is to study the small molecule changes in the microbiome in response to infection. This project initially focused on metabolites, but is now expanding to a multiomics study.

One aspect of the Li Research Group that is especially valuable to me is how much I enjoy the diversity of projects in the lab and the supportive environment.

Li Research Group

 University of Wisconsin Madison

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