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Jericha Mill


Graduate Student


Indianapolis, IN


B.S. Chemistry, Butler University, 2017 

"I love the atmosphere! Everyone is very open and willing to help newcomers like me. I feel welcome and very supported."

About Me

Dr. Li stood out to me in part because I had coworkers at a previous job that spoke very highly of her. They both had great experiences working with her during their time at UW-Madison and encouraged me to reach out to Dr. Li as well. She also was incredibly kind to me while I learned more about UW-Madison, both through email and in person during my visit weekend.

Her research also interested me the most, as she has worked on innovative projects researching Alzheimer's Disease (AD). AD research is something that I am especially passionate about, so joining her group was a great way for me to be involved in research that would mean the most to me.

I am currently working with Dr. Li and several collaborators on a project focusing on early detection of Alzheimer's Disease.

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