Jillian Johnson


Graduate Student


Shelton, CT


B.S. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

"The mass spectrometry resources in this lab are incredible for doing cutting edge research and because of the network of extensive Li Lab collaborators, our lab has a huge variety of projects and interests. This means chances are if you are interested in trying a new project, there is probably a way to try this new idea in the lab. Explore creatively!"


About Me

All of the faculty at UW-Madison are outstanding, but Dr. Li stands out as an advisor who is a strong advocate and supporter for her students. She takes on a team-oriented vision of success for the lab and works hard to cultivate a very extensive network of collaborators. This "team science" environment makes the Li Lab a very productive and innovative lab experience for mass spectrometry research.

My current work is multi-faceted and interdisciplanary. The various projects on which I am currently working include:

1) The Spheroid Microarray: Pushing in vitro drug penetration towards high-throughput technologies

2) Machine Learning for N-glycan Biomarker Analysis of Human Pancreatic Cancer Tumor Microarray

3) Combining Mass Spectrometry Imaging with Second Harmonic Generation Imaging to Understand Molecular Changes associated with Pancreatic Cancer Metastasis

4) Using Mass Spectrometry Imaging to Understand the Lipid Profile of Insulation Regions in the Electric Eel Main Organ: Understanding how Electric Eels Don't Shock Themselves

5) Analysis of Restenotic Arteries: Probing Lipid Changes Specific to New In-Growth into the Artery following Balloon Angioplasty

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