Mara Gosch


Undergraduate Student


Plymouth, MN


B.S. Pharmacology-Toxicology - University of Wisconsin Madison

"I really enjoy learning and practicing the diverse procedures and experiments that are used in each project, and also appreciate the encouragement by Dr. Li to share my research with lab members, and through presentations to other faculty and students on campus."

About Me

Dr. Li's research group is unique in its use of novel mass spectrometry techniques to expand upon the current known pathology of neurodegenerative diseases. As an aspiring clinical pharmacist, it is important to me understand and have had a role in the science that leads to the therapies and medicines for neurodegenerative diseases, of particular concern for ageing populations across the world.

I am an undergraduate student at UW-Madison working with Qinying Yu. I have mainly worked on projects involving the refinement of sample preparation techniques for glycosylation analysis by mass spectrometry. Most recently, I worked with Qinying to compare the O-glycopeptide enrichment performance of three hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) methods – ZIC-, SAX-, and Neutral-HILIC.