Yatao Shi


Graduate Student


Nantong, Jiangsu, China


B.S., China Pharmaceutical University, (2008)

M.A., China Pharmaceutical University, (2014)

"Research can be frustrating at times, because you will most-assuredly meet failures. But the moment when you failed 99 times. and finally something works makes it worth the hard work. "

About Me

Dr. Li's lab possesses most advanced mass spectrometers and has diverse research directions, giving me opportunities to learn from different scientific fields and finally find my research interests. Also, Dr. Li is open-minded. She is glad to gives chances for graduate students to try their ideas.

I am currently working on several projects including the method development for protein citrullination analysis, Imaging of N-glycans and peptides from FFPE tissue sections and quantitative glycoproteomics analysis. When I just joined the lab, I began with metabolomics, and then I realized that I was more interested in large-scale proteomics analysis and tissue imaging. Now, I am mainly focusing on method development for protein PTM analysis.