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Angel Ibarra


Graduate Student


Fort Worth, Texas, USA


B.A. Chemistry - Williams College

"We are large lab with so many helpful and kind people to learn from. The work is interesting and I enjoy learning from everyone's expertise."

About Me

I am currently working alongside Jericha Mill and Wenxin Wu. With Jericha, we intend to explore biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease. With Wenxin, we are working to explore neuropeptide regulation involved in feeding using our crustacean model.

Dr. Li is super friendly and really cares for her students and their success. She is really supportive, thoughtful, and kind. She is always willing and excited to bounce ideas with you, and I really appreciate how broad and diverse the research is in the Li Lab. I joined the Li Lab because of the cutting edge mass spectrometry research that happens here as I can translate this work to answer important biological/clinical questions.

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