A Data Analysis Tool for Isobaric Labeling-based Metabolomics

Metandem is a free online data analysis platform for mass spectrometry-based isobaric labeling metabolomics. It allows users to upload and process MS or hyphenated MS data files for isobaric-labeling-based quantitative and qualitative metabolomics analyses, including feature extraction, metabolite quantification, metabolite identification, batch processing of multiple data files, parameter optimization, median normalization, and statistical analysis. Results can be downloaded or visualized online.



Prescreening prior to de novo sequencing

Prescreening Prior to de novo sequencing tool using peptide motif homology for improved de novo sequencing of peptides.  PRESnovo works by searching tandem mass spectrometry data against a predefined motif database consisting of known peptides from the species of interest or related species. The software assigns the most probable motif to each precursor using a sophisticated scoring function. Results can then be used in conjunction with other de novo sequencing software to improve the accuracy of the de novo sequences.

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