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Ashley Phetsanthad


Graduate Student


Upper Darby, PA


B.S., Chemistry, Drexel University, 2018

M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Drexel University, 2018

"I enjoy the variety of research and techniques that I'm exposed to, as well as the many people I've become friends with."

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About Me

Dr. Li was very friendly and approachable and, for me, it was important to be able to build a good relationship with my PI. I liked that this was a sizable group so although the focus was on pharmaceutical applications, there were a large breadth of topics. I knew I'd be able to find a project I loved and would be able to work on a variety of projects as well.

My work in the lab has evolved from characterizing protein structural information relevant to Alzheimer's disease using ion mobility mass spectrometry to developing techniques to improve the sensitivity of analysis of important neuronal signaling molecules. I focus on characterizing glyconeuropeptides, as well as developing data-independent acquisition workflows for discovery and accurate relative quantitation.

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