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Chris Sauer


Graduate Student


Neenah, WI


B.S. in Chemistry, University of Minnesota

"The research in the Li Lab is highly interdisciplinary and I am able to use my background in chemistry to study critical problems in biology (environmental stress, disease, etc.)"

About Me

I came to Madison wanting to study bioanalytical chemistry. After meeting Dr. Li, I realized our research interests were similar and her mentoring style seemed like a good fit for me. I like that the group has diverse projects and is developing relevant mass spectrometry methods to study a variety of biological problems.

I am developing mass spectrometry methods to study crustacean neuropeptides in relation to environmental stress. Specifically, I am interested in the signaling pathways involved in the response to hypoxia and heavy metal toxicity, and using novel isobaric labels (DiLeu) for multiplexed quantitation.

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