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Clara Hu


Undergraduate Student


Shanghai, China


BS in Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin Madison

"I was attracted to the Li Research Group by the use of mass spectrometry to address issues in biomedical fields, which is a special connection between chemistry and biology. I am interested in doing interdisciplinary research. Moreover, among different animals models, crabs are special and unique. Therefore, I would like to explore more on crustacean models."

About Me

I am an undergraduate student at UW-Madison working with Kellen Delaney in the Research Group. Among other projects, I have worked with her on Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Crustacean Neuropeptides. One of the projects I have been working on is method development of mass spectrometry analysis of crustacean hemolymph samples. I also work on comparing differences between male and female crabs based on neuropeptides.

"One thing I enjoy about research with Dr. Li is working with crabs. I am also interested in learning the techniques of mass spectrometry analysis, which I know will benefit my future research and academic endeavors."

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