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Hung-Yu (Eric) Chiang


Graduate Student


Changhua, Taiwan


Ph.D. Biophysics, 

University of Wisconsin - Madison

M.S. Biochemical Sciences,

National Taiwan University, Taiwan


B.S. Biological Sciences and Technology,

National University of Tainan, Taiwan

"Li lab provides a friendly and supporting research atmosphere. The people in the lab are really nice and gel together."

About Me

I am interested in the Mass spec which is a powerful tool to examine biological issues and also I have a lot of interest in the communication of the gut-brain axis in Alzheimer's disease or other neurodegeneration. I am currently working on the project of citrullination with Bin Wang.


Dr. Li is warm and kind. She is always willing to provide advice and help students encountering problems. Moreover, she is approachable and open-minded to offer diverse perspectives and possibilities for research.

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