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Graham Delafield


Graduate Student


Oklahoma City, OK


2018 - 2023

Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison


M.S., Chemistry, University of Oklahoma


B.S., Chemistry, University of Oklahoma

"UW-Madison is rich in opportunity and choosing the right path can be challenging. Dr. Li presents phenomenal opportunity, tremendous support, and the ability to pursue any interest. I immediately knew this was a place I would thrive."

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About Me

This is my first year in the graduate program at UW-Madison, but I feel my previous experiences have truly offered me a unique perspective as to the quality of environment in the Li Research Group. My favorite aspects of the LRG are the amount of P.I. and peer support, the opportunity for development, and the constant recognition of quality work. 

Coming in, I had a deep interest in protein characterization, glycomics, and instrumentation. Dr. Li immediately helped me define my research plan as part of a recent NIH grant (1U01CA231081). I am currently working on coupling CE/PGC to IM-MS for multi-level protein characterization. 


As well, I will be taking over the arm of research that is involved with the Wisconsin Plant Symbiosis Group. 


I have a growing interest in data science, so my future work may move to combine multiple interests.

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