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Jamie Covaleski


Undergraduate Researcher


Doylestown, Pennsylvania


University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2022

"The thing I enjoy the most about doing research in this lab is how welcoming and patient everybody is. I feel comfortable being able to ask questions when I am confused, and work at my own pace, which allows me to think critically and grow as a researcher."

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About Me

I am currently studying neurochemistry using mass spectrometry. My work involves optimizing extraction procedures so that we can better characterize which neuropeptides correspond to which extraction methods. I also work on instrumentation and data collection methods associated with mass spectrometry, along with data processing and statistical analysis.

Dr. Li's lab was actually recommended to me through the undergraduate chemistry research advisor, Dr. Barta. She recommended it to me because I told her I was interested in joining a chemistry lab that uses quantitative methods to expand my understanding of biology. After hearing about some of the work done in Dr. Li's lab regarding neuropeptides, I reached out to her because this felt like a perfect fit for me as a neurobiology and math major. Dr. Barta also told me so many great things are said about Dr. Li as a PI, which further solidified my decision to join.

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