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Maixee Yang


Graduate Student


Milwaukee, WI

Born in Saraburi Province, Thailand


B.S. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 2020

"The lab members have been friendly and welcoming. Those that I have interacted with made sure I became accustomed to the lab as a first year student. Although the lab may be a big group, I feel like we all matter to Dr. Li, and she made sure that this is an inclusive environment. "

About Me

I am currently working on developing a method on the IMS for metabolomics with the help of Graham Delafield.

Dr. Li was friendly and approachable the moment I met her. In addition, she took the time off to show me around the lab even though she may be busy. She is always supporting and has provided me many opportunities as a first-year undergraduate. Most importantly, her group is mainly focused on mass spec which is something I hope to learn more as a student.

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