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Michael Sivanich


Graduate Student


Plymouth, MN


B.S. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 2018

M.S., Chemistry, UW-Madison 2020

"Everybody is so friendly and willing to discuss ideas or projects together in a highly collaborative fashion. I also enjoy how much freedom I am given in what I want to explore in my research with a plethora of sophisicated instruments at my disposal to utilize."


About Me

Currently I am helping to develop new isobaric tags for our lab to utilize for quantification of proteins and peptides and am also working on methods to quantify cell surface membrane proteins.

Dr. Li really stood out to me from my personal interest of understanding methodologies behind analytical mass spectrometry and the amount of projects that could overlap with what I want to study. I also am able to gain a great connection with my PI who cares about what I want to explore and allows for endless possiblities to behold from collaborations or other projects she sees potential for you to be a part of.

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