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Nhu Vu


Graduate Student


Orange County, CA


B.S. Biochemistry, California State University - Fullerton

"The Li group is full of extremely motivated people who are passionate about method development and analytical chemistry. I thought that their passion was contagious and that the Li lab provided a great and friendly working environment for me. "


About Me

I am interested in understanding the role of neurological peptides and hormones in crustacean limb regeneration. Specifically, I am working to characterize the changes in levels of these important signaling molecules in crustaceans as they regenerate their limb using both ESI- and MALDI-mass spectrometry. Because endogenous levels of these molecules are low and their signal often masked by interfering signals from more abundant molecules such as lipids and proteins, I am developing new sample preparation methods to enhance our detection of these peptides for analysis by mass spectrometry imaging.

The most enjoyable thing about being in the lab is collaborating with others with diverse research interests in answering biological questions using analytical chemistry techniques.

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