12 New Members join the Li Lab

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

The newest members of the Li Lab welcomed in style at the 15th annual Holiday Party

2018 Closes as New Endeavors Begin

The fall semester of 2018 came with many surprises, accomplishments, and exciting beginnings. While every academic year comes with the addition of new students, this year was particularly remarkable, due to the large number of students matriculating into UW-Madison. The Li Lab attracts students from multiple disciplines, though the majority of students come from the departments of Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the former of which began with 84 first-year students - a class nearly double the average occupancy! As well, Dr. Li attracted post-doctoral and visiting scholars from abroad, culminating in the addition of 1 post-doctoral fellow, 2 visiting scholars, 3 students from pharmaceutical sciences, and 6 chemistry graduate students.

As the fall semester progressed and all students had the opportunity to rotate with and express interest in various faculty members, a total of 12 individuals were chosen to continue their academic careers as members of the Li Research Group. Listed in order appearing above, Yuan Liu, Ashley Phetsanthad, Bin Wang, Yuanyuan Lin, Danqing Wang, Dylan Tabang, Graham Delafield, Jiabao Guo, Min Ma, and Ting-Jia Gu - along with Yanni Lyu and Jericha Mill not pictured. Please join us in welcoming the fantastic students to their new home!

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