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'Tis the Season for Oral Defenses!

With the dawning f spring, it comes time for many second and third year students to present their Thesis Background Oral (TBO) or Research Proposal (RP). February brought not one, but three successful TBO presentations...ON THE SAME DAY.

Please join us in congratulating Miyang (Mike) Li on his presentation "Development of Double End Labeling Method for Mass Defect-Based Quantitative Glycomics," Nhu Vu on her presentation, "Quantitation and Imaging of Crustacean Neuropeptide Changes Resulting from Autonomy and Regeneration Using Mass Spectrometry," and Meng Xu on her presentation, "Multimodal Imagina ad Quantitation of N-glycans and Glycosaminoglycans in Extracellular Matrix in Pancreatic Cancer."


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