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Wilson (Wei) Li


Postdoctoral Researcher


Shenyang, China



Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

Laboratory of Drug Metabolism-Based Toxicology and Drug Design



M.S. Medicinal Chemistry

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

Laboratory of Drug Discovery, Total Synthesis, and Synthetic Technology


B.S. Pharmaceutics

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

In Li Lab, I am fully empowered in the research fields that interest me. Dr. Li is an unwaveringly supportive and perfect role model for pursuing academic interests. My colleagues are very energetic and inspiring, contributing to each other's diverse research directions. By the way, regardless of the experimental results you might have today, the serene pond by the school building possesses a remarkable ability to uplift your spirits and restore a sense of happiness.


About Me

I am dedicated to developing innovative probes designed for studying post-translational modification (PTM) proteins. These specialized probes will be employed in conjunction with mass spectrometry-based proteomics techniques, with the aim of revealing and clarifying abnormal PTMs associated with disease progression. My overarching goal is to provide novel and invaluable insights into the underlying mechanisms of pathogenesis, ultimately facilitating targeted therapeutic interventions.

Additionally, I am engaged in elucidating the toxic mechanisms of xenobiotics, harnessing state-of-the-art bioanalytical instruments within the laboratory setting. The objective is to trace chemical reactive metabolites and decipher their profound impact on various physiological processes. This endeavor holds the potential to offer valuable insights into the intricate relationship between toxic compounds and living organisms, potentially paving the way to mitigate the toxicity of these toxins.

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