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Zachary Del Mundo


Graduate Student


St. Charles, Illinois



B.S. Biochemistry

Northern Illinois University

"There is valuable diversity among the backgrounds of our lab members and the ways we apply and develop MS techniques to tackle biological issues. If you have a question and the first person you ask does not have an answer, you will be referred to someone else in our lab who does."


"Dr. Li is passionate, highly astute, and always understanding. She believes in us— in our ability to learn science, conduct veracious research, and promote a positive community in academia. I had not received such encouragement through work nor education until joining the Li Research Group."

"As a first year, I am currently investigating conformational dynamics and protein-protein interactions of Alzheimer's and ALS biomarkers. Mass spectrometry-based techniques have the power to probe both proteolytic accessibility and transitory interface."

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